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Largest Pumpstation in Estonia with BIOGEST® Storm screen

The opening of the street promenade Reidi tee is a Milestone project for Estonian capital Tallinn. The new street promenade was planned to divert car traffic from the Tallinn’s city centre to Reidi road.

The total length of the Reidi road is 1,93 kilometres. In addition, a long promenade, a new cycle path and several kilometres of sidewalks with recreational facilities were built. Reidi Road also brings to the public the coastal area that was previously wasteland. The most important part of the rainwater concept is the 12,5 m deep pumping station, that will collect the rainwater of Reidi road rainwater and later from other streets as well.

It is the largest pumping station, that was every built in Estonia. The pumps will be protected by a BIOGEST® CSO Screen Type SAS from rubbish and coarse solids within the rainwater. The storm screen with 6 mm hole is designed to handle 4000 l/s and operates fully automatic and without  interference, since start up. BIOGEST® solutions for overflow structures are successfully used worldwide for decades.

This project was successfully realized with our local partner Schöttli Umwelttechnik AG / Tallinn in early 2020.