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  • Abflussbegrenzer ALPHEUS® Typ AT
  • Abflussbegrenzer ALPHEUS® Typ AT
  • Abflussbegrenzer ALPHEUS® Typ AT
  • Abflussbegrenzer ALPHEUS® Typ AT
Flow control


Throttling devices have the task of limiting the flow rate from a rainwater accumulation system to the previously defined value and of allowing it to flow away constantly regardless of the stowage height.

The ALPHEUS® flow limiter Type AT ensures that the connected wastewater treatment plant is fed with constant quantities and is not hydraulically overloaded.

For blockage-free AND continuous flow control of storm water retention systems


The ALPHEUS® flow limiter Type AT is the correct solution for controlling the pass forward flow rate where no power is available or desirable. The AT precisely regulates the predetermined flow rate irrespective of head conditions. The unit is factory calibrated by setting the outlet control plate to a predetermined height that will allow the desired pass forward rate to flow unhindered through the unit during normal dry weather flow. During storm conditions the outlet control plate causes the flow to back up within the unit, as it does the float rises. The float is linked to the inlet control plate that closes as the float rises. The inlet control plate controls the flow into the Alpheus unit and maintains the head within the unit at a constant, which in turn limits the flow out of the unit to the desired flow rate.

As the incoming flow subsides the float falls and opens the inlet plate to allow greater flows into the unit. In the event of a blockage of the inlet control plate the float falls, and the plate opens to punch the blockage through. Should the outlet control plate become blocked the float will rise above its normal pre-set level at which point it raises the outlet control plate to allow the debris to clear. The system is designed to operate frequently at low flow rates.

The ALPHEUS® flow limiter Type AT can be supplied in nominal sizes DN 100 to DN 500 for nominal discharge quantities from 2 l / s to 438 l / s. Larger devices and special designs can be produced on a project basis.

The advantages

  • Automatic function without external energy

  • Semi-dry or dry installation

  • Stepless adjustment of the throttle water quantity

  • Preparation for telecontrol

  • Automatic deblocking

  • TÜV-approved vertical Q/H-characteristic

  • Active throttle device according to DWA A111

  • High-quality stainless-steel production