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  • CROWN® Oberflächenbelüfter
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  • CROWN® Oberflächenbelüfter 2000
  • Oberflächenbelüfter
Surface aeration

CROWN® Surface Aerator

BIOGEST® developed the CROWN® Surface Aerator for the circulation and oxygen supply of the wastewater-activated sludge mixture in biological sewage treatment plants.

The compact design of the CROWN® Surface Aerator only requires installation within the actual aeration tank, so that additional equipment components such as those required for membrane ventilation systems can be dispensed with. This significantly reduces investment costs.

Wastewater aeration with decades of consistently high oxygen yield


The use of the CROWN® Surface Aerator with a crusher unit enables the construction costs to be reduced since mechanical cleaning is not required. The maintenance effort is minimized because the crusher does not require any noteworthy maintenance. Energy and residual material disposal costs are also reduced since mechanical pre-cleaning is dispensed with and the screenings are classified as hazardous waste in many places.

Furthermore, extremely compact wastewater treatment plants can be manufactured by using the crusher. An SBR wastewater treatment plant from BIOGEST® can only consist of an SBR reactor under the relevant project framework conditions since there is no need to produce a mechanical pre-cleaning stage or a sludge silo. The use of the crusher is generally only recommended for sewage treatment plants that are fed with wastewater via a separate sewer system.

The advantages

  • Intensive mixing
  • High oxygen input
  • Low energy consumption
  • Higher oxygen yield
  • Low capital costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Decades long operation
  • Robust construction made of stainless steel
  • Can be equipped with a crusher unit for solids