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  • Abflussbegrenzer ALPHEUS® Typ AS
  • Abflussbegrenzer ALPHEUS® Typ AS
  • Abflussbegrenzer ALPHEUS® Typ AS
  • Abflussbegrenzer ALPHEUS® Typ AS
Flow control


Throttling devices have the task of limiting the flow rate from a rainwater accumulation system to the previously defined value and of allowing it to flow away constantly regardless of the stowage height.

The ALPHEUS® flow limiter Type AS ensures that the connected wastewater treatment plant is fed with constant quantities and is not hydraulically overloaded.

For continuous drainage of storm water retention systems free of external energy


In dry weather the outlet control plate is completely opened. During storm conditions the internal float rises and activates the control mechanism. The water rises from below into the housing, so that the float moves vertically upwards. The float is linked to the inlet control plate, so that the desired flow rate is maintained.

The float rises and falls with the water level thereby opening and closing the orifice plate to maintain the desired flow rate. The housing fulfils the function of a diving bell. As the water level fills the air is compressed in the housing and restricts the rising level of the water. This ensures that the float does not have to travel the same distance as the actual head and minimizes the dimensions of the unit. The orifice plate can be completely opened with the hand release in the event of a blockage.

The advantages

  • Automatic function without external energy

  • No separate throttle shaft required

  • Control mechanism without direct contact with water

  • Easy retrofitting due to compact design

  • TÜV-approved vertical Q/H-characteristic

  • Active throttle device according to DWA A111

  • No head loss

  • High-quality stainless-steel production

  • Optionally with
    – integrated gate valve
    – Adapter for round shaft
    – integrated emergency emptying
    – integrated emergency overflow