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Wet calibration

Wet calibration or hydraulic calibration is a flow measurement in a suitable measuring shaft with the possibility of stowage. The flow rate of the throttle is measured using a suitable measuring instrument.

The calibration is carried out in accordance with technical report LUA 6/2003 part 1 “Hydraulic calibration of throttling devices” by certified companies or persons with in-depth knowledge and practical experience in the field of flow measurement technology in wastewater systems, as well as areas of application and functioning of various types of throttles etc.

Correct calibration must take into account the operating conditions at the installation site, since the local conditions have an influence on the amount of throttle water to be dispensed. We offer a control measurement with adjustment of the throttle water quantity.

Cooperation of the client

Auxiliary personnel for preparation and follow-up purposes (e.g. locking off the restraint system and opening and closing the respective slider and channel stairs) must be provided on site. A coordination to enable and carry out the measurements (e.g. possibly necessary measures to ensure accessibility and safeguard the location) must be organized on site.

Any readjustment of the throttle device is carried out by a BIOGEST® service technician. The measurement is carried out in a suitable control shaft following the throttle shaft. Any shut-off bladder that may be required to back up the water is provided by the customer.