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Our systems are robustly built and have a long service life. We recommend that you carry out an inspection at regular intervals to ensure that it will function reliably and smoothly in the long term. This saves you costs and hassle in the event of operational failures and at the same time helps to keep our environment and the water clean.

We offer our customers two different types of maintenance:

  • One-time maintenance according to the order

  • Maintenance contracts with a fixed maintenance interval

Our service department arranges a maintenance appointment with you once a year and takes over the tasks of the annual inspection for you. Our experienced service staff are specially trained to check the devices in a targeted manner, to record them in a maintenance report and to take further measures if necessary. After every maintenance, our customer receives a service log.

We would be happy to provide you with an individual offer tailored to the needs of your system and the devices used.

If you are interested in maintenance or a maintenance contract, simply fill out the following contact form.

Contact person

Your contact person for maintenance is Mr. Helge Rauscher / Disposition Department. You can reach Mr. Rauscher at the following telephone number or e-mail address: