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  • CROWN® Klarwasserdekanter Typ DK/W
  • CROWN® Klarwasserdekanter Typ DK/W

CROWN® Clarified Water Decanter Type DK/W

The CROWN® clearwater decanting system has been developed especially for the procedural task of discharging water phases out of tanks without any turbulences. Consequently, the CROWN® Clarified Water Decanter Type DK/W can be used especially for the solid-free discharge of clearwater (out of SBR-reactors, drinking water treatment plants, etc.) or the discharge of turbid water.

Almost Energy-free clearwater decanting without carrying sludge


Off the clearwater decanting phases the CROWN® Clarified Water Decanter Type DK/W is located over the level of the maximum water level and consequently ensures the function of an emergency overflow system.

At the beginning of a clearwater decanting phase the inlet structure will be lowered down to the actual (maximum) water level supported by an electrical winch. The inlet structure automatically opens its inlet slot approximately 10-20 cm under the water level.

The depth of immersion can be adjusted anytime by changing the level of the two floats. At the moment when the wanted depth of immersion has been reached, the bottom plate automatically sinks away from the upper inlet structure and consequently the inlet slot will be opened with its pre-adjusted height. The hydraulic discharge power of the inlet structure at least is a consequence of the combination of the slot height and the depth of immersion.

Because of the horizontally floating of the inlet structure during the complete decanting process the clear water can be discharged without any energy consumption until the minimum water level has been reached.

After the finalization of the clear water decanting phase the inlet structure will be lifted up to the emergency overflow level and so it can be used as an emergency overflow system until the next decanting phase will be started.

The advantages

  • No output of aerated or floated sludge
  • Constantly clearwater discharge rate
  • Decanting process without energy consumption
  • Adjustable discharge rate
  • No maintenance under the water level
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Robust construction made of stainless steel
  • High operational security
  • Decade long service life