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  • Notfallschieberanlage Typ NSA
  • Schnitt 1 Notfallschieberanlage Typ NSA
  • Schnitt 2 Notfallschieberanlage Typ NSA
Flow control

Emergency Gate Valve Type NSA

According to the Water Resources Act (WHG), depots must be equipped with fire water retention to retain contaminated extinguishing water or water-polluting substances. The affected systems include e.g. forwarding agencies, waste disposal companies, biogas plants, factory premises and depots with transhipment points and filling areas. The transfer shafts must be equipped with safety slides so that the water-polluting substances cannot get into the public sewage system or the municipal sewage treatment plant.

Water protection for fires in industrial and commercial companies


The control cabinet of the emergency valve system is connected to the company’s fire alarm system. In the event of a fire, the emergency slide system is actuated via a switch contact and the safety slide is closed.

If the fire alarm system is no longer functional due to the fire or a power failure, the security slide can be closed manually with a square key or e-key. It is important that the closing of the emergency shutters has been incorporated into the emergency plan.

Since the slides were moved to the safety position (closed), they can only be opened again when the fire alarm system is in good condition. Opening is only possible by operating the switch on the control cabinet.

The advantages

  • Prevents fire water from entering rivers, groundwater and soil

  • Toxins and contaminated fire water do not get into the sewage system

  • Safe and automatic closing by connection to the fire alarm system

  • Operation even in the event of a power failure with a square-section key