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  • SBR-Kläranlage
  • SBR-Kläranlage
  • SBR-Kläranlage
Wastewater Treatment

SBR – Wastewater Treatment Plant

The decades of operation of biological wastewater treatment plants, the resulting experience with different wastewater, a wide variety of plant engineering concepts and the evaluation of process engineering variants leads to a significantly improved understanding of biological degradation processes and as a result the development of modern and efficient treatment methods.

With the SBR process technology, a state-of-the-art process technology concept is available with which the most diverse milieu conditions can be generated in a biological treatment reactor.

BIOGEST® manufactures biological wastewater treatment plants using the SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor) process for wastewater treatment. Characteristic of the SBR process is the combination of the process functions “activation” and “clarification” in one reaction tank. From a procedural point of view, this results in stable and flexible processes.

Compact wastewater treatment plant with evenly high cleaning performance

Application possibilities

BIOGEST® manufactures biological wastewater treatment plants using the SBR process for wastewater treatment. Characteristic of the SBR process is the combination of the two process functions, activation and clarification, in one reaction tank. The possible applications range largely from 100 PE to 30,000 PE, but we have also implemented systems up to 400,000 PE.


The process leads to an extremely compact design and thus to a minimization of the investment costs. Thanks to the flexible system geometry (system tank with a round, square or rectangular base area), SBR sewage treatment plants from BIOGEST® can be easily implemented even under difficult installation conditions (tourist areas, leisure facilities, high-rise buildings, etc.).

Each SBR reactor combines the functions of an aeration tank and a secondary clarifier in one reactor. The construction of separate structures is not necessary and the SBR wastewater treatment plant therefore requires significantly less space.

The advantages

  • Compact design
  • Low installation costs
  • Uniformly high cleaning performance
  • Compensation for shock loads
  • Undisturbed sedimentation
  • Low sludge production
  • Optimal mixing and ventilation
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance

BIOGEST® AG services

  • Anlagendimensionierung

  • Plant planning
  • Technical equipment
  • Installation
  • Initial operation
  • Plant optimisation during operation


The SBR technology is characterized by the reactor, in which all the process steps required for biological purification take place. In contrast to the conventional continuous flow principle, the individual process steps do not take place simultaneously along a spatial axis, but in succession along a time axis.

Step 1

The reactor is filled to the minimum operating water level with activated sludge and treated wastewater (residual amount from the last decanting process). The removal of the clear water from the last treatment cycle has been completed.

Step 2

The reactor is filled with inflowing wastewater (continuously or in batches) up to the maximum operating water level. During this process phase, the container contents are treated anaerobically, anoxically and aerobically.

Step 3

When the reactor is full, the inflow of wastewater is stopped. At the same time, the post-clarification phase begins with the alternation of mixing and aeration processes.

Step 4

The stirring and ventilation system is switched off. The sedimentation of the activated sludge takes place under ideal conditions – without the simultaneous inflow of wastewater.

Step 5

As soon as the sedimentation process is complete, the clear water is removed from the reactor up to the minimum operating water level (decanted).

Step 6

The inflow of wastewater is released again so that the next filling process can begin.