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  • Vakuumtechnik Typ MF
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Flushing System

Vacuum Flushing System Type MF

Storm tanks or sewers require cleaning after operation during storms due to the sediment deposited on the tank or sewer floor once the storm has subsided. If the system is not cleaned the potential for blockages is increased and malodours will occur due to septicity. In order to clean storage tanks effectively, BIOGEST® has developed a vacuum technology that performs these tasks reliably and fully automatically.

The BIOGEST® Vacuum Flushing System Type MF takes over this cleaning task in a simple and effective way without coming into contact with wastewater.

Effective Flushing and cleaning of storm tanks


  • The tank is in the emptied state immediately before a rain event. The flushing chamber is also empty.
  • Triggered by a rain event, more mixed water flows into the storage chamber than can run off at the same time. This leads to a rising water level.
  • The vacuum pump starts automatically drawing water from the storage chamber into the flushing chamber until the maximum level in the flush chamber is reached.
  • The storm subsides and the storage chamber empties leaving sludge and other sewage related debris on the chamber floor. The level in the flushing chamber is still held under vacuum.
  • Once the tank is empty the flushing sequence starts automatically. The vacuum seal is broken and a large volume of water surges from the flushing chamber driving all of the solids from the chamber floor.
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The advantages

  • No submerged moving parts
  • Full flushing action even after small spills (partial filling)
  • Subsequent installation possible
  • Circular tanks with central or lateral flushing chamber
  • Flushing lane width up to 10 m and very long lanes
  • High cleaning performance with up to 7 m water head
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Flushing with rainwater and sewage water