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  • Kanalspülschutz Typ CF
Flushing System

Channel Flushing Gate Type CF

Wastewater sewer and channels with little slope can cause sediments during dry weather operation. Storm water catchment channels create sediments during storm events due to the sediment deposited on the channels or sewer floor. This creates potential for blockages and malodours will occur due to septicity.

The BIOGEST® Channel Flushing Gate Type CF is the ideal solution to avoid such problem. Flushing and cleaning of large channels, sewers storage and sewage systems. The gate width will depend on the diameter of the channel. The standard dimensions are from DN 600 to DN 2000.

Effective cleaning of storage canals and sewage pipes


In dry weather situation the channel flushing gate is in high position. Operation of the system can be done following local requirement. Once a flushing is required the Channel Flushing Gate will be operated with a hydraulic powered double acting cylinder that moves the plate in low and high position.

The hydraulic power pack starts and drives the shaft, which moves the plate in low position to close the channel diameter partly. As soon as the gate is in low position the water pressure from the dry weather water pushes the seal on the channel body and seals the cap between the plate and the channel. Once in low position the hydraulic power pack shuts off.

The upstream channel will be filled with the upstream coming water and the level rises behind the plate in the channel.

An upstream level sensor detects the water level. Once the required water level is reached, the Channel Flushing Gate is ready to be opened and the flushing sequence starts automatically. The hydraulic power pack starts, the solenoid valve moves and drives the shaft of the double acting cylinder with hydraulic pressure. The plate of the Channel Flushing Gate moves up and releases the full diameter of the channel. Once the Gate moves up, the water behind the plate will be released and flushes the downstream channel with a high-water pressure and volume that was stored behind the plate.

The flushing sequence can be set automatically in periodical cycles for permanently cleaning of the sewer. Optional manually operation and flushing can be done any time through the control panel.

The advantages

  • Flushing of channels and sewers on long section
  • No hindrance and reduction in the pipe diameter
  • Long-lasting powerful flushing
  • Solid stainless-steel construction
  • Cleaning with existing channel water
  • Operation in intervals and with dry weather flows
  • Low energy consumption
  • Different dimensions available