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Our Philosophy

What we stand for

BIOGEST® AG stands for high-quality stainless-steel products and can look back on many years of successful development. Innovative strength and technical understanding enable us to find a customized solution in the rain and wastewater sector.

Our goal

Our common goal is to maintain high quality, innovative products and a satisfied customer base for the future and to continuously optimize our service.

The ISO 9001 certification helps us to secure the trust of our customers in the long term.

These corporate goals can only be successfully implemented as a team if all employees go the same way. We have a common vision and live a holistic corporate philosophy.

Our water

Water is the basis for life on earth. Thales von Milet is said to have said the following about water:

“The principle of all things is water, because water is everything and everything returns to water.”

Our motivation

The resource of water has always been indispensable on our planet, so our guiding principle is also:

– Innovative technology for environment –

We develop products so that our society and future generations can use this important resource – always with respect for nature.

Our environment

We attach great importance to environmental protection and pay attention to sustainable development. We rely on resource-saving processing of the materials, the longevity of the products and efficient transport options.

Our implementation

Our company management maintains an open corporate culture. This builds on the values of team spirit, collegiality and fairness. With many years of experience, a lot of know-how and innovative solutions in the field of urban water management, it is possible to successfully run a company.

Our employees are qualified in a wide variety of areas, which we as a company support through regular training arrangements.

We stand for a family-friendly company by responding to individual needs of each employee.

We promote young talents and train in both the technical and commercial areas.

We select our suppliers based on careful criteria. Short transport routes, sustainable resources and companies that are as certified as possible are important to us.

Our products are made of high-quality materials, every development is carefully checked on our test stands and manufactured by qualified employees. We always strive for improvement; our products are constantly being developed.

Our customers can rely on us. We offer individual solutions and convince with customer-friendly service.

What distinguishes us

Outstanding quality

Would you like to know more?

Clean water is essential for the survival of the earth and people. We contribute to this with our products.