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Optimized Electrical Flow control system Type EGAR

Via its distributor for The Netherlands, ESEP, BIOGEST® received a contract for replacement of a vortex flow regulator towards a modern electrical flow control system near the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

After successful installation of the standard system, the client was happy with the flow control result. Additionally, he recognized uncontrolled flows from different areas affects the operation of the system. Following this he requested for the modification of the deblocking function and message indication of the control system. This led to a change of the control philosophy to handle the new condition and client’s individual wishes.

After successful adaption of the control the client is very pleased with the performance of the system. A close exchange between the client, our strong partner ESEP and BIOGEST® led to an optimal solution.

Lennart Swinkels from the responsible water board, Waterschap Aa en Maas:

“We are very satisfied with the result: The installed EGAR system helps us to buffer water in the municipal sewer system during high water peaks mostly from rain events and brings the water gradually to the water treatment facility.”

The result: A safer system and improved message management for an easier handling for the client!