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Decanter – Light liquid extraction

CROWN® decanting system, type LF

How it works

The CROWN® decanting system, type LF has been developed especially for the procedural task of discharging water phases with low density out of tanks. Consequently the CROWN® decanting system, type LF can be used for example for the discharge of light liquid out of storage tanks for surface water (dewatering of roads, airport runways etc.), discharge of turbid water out of sludge storage tanks, discharge of predominantly solid-free clearwater out of storage tanks.

System advantages

  • No output of floating solids because of the retention unit in front of the outlet pipe
  • Decanting without energy consumption
  • Adjustability of the discharge power
  • No maintenance relevant system components under water level
  • Minimal maintenance efforts (the corresponding efforts are limited to the controlling of the retention unit)
  • Robust construction made of stainless stee
  • High operational security