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Inauguration of the flood retention basin

BIOGEST® AG supplies electrical flow regulator type EGAR for the flood protection project in Lohmar / Germany

After an 18-month construction period, the Jabach flood retention basin was inaugurated. The entire structure is designed for a calculated flood event every 250 years. The flood retention basin has a capacity of approx. 60,000 m³ and can absorb up to 18,600 litres of precipitation per second from the Jabach and the surrounding area in heavy rain. The discharge from the flood retention basin is derived via a throttle reduced to a maximum of 7.70 cbm / s.

Our electrical flow regulator type EGAR is set in such a way that the water level recorded by level measurement is directly included in the calculation of the slide opening by means of a discharge formula stored in the PLC. The system offers infinitely adjustable controlled flow amount via an operating device and automatic deblocking.

In order to protect the urban area of Lohmar, the type EGAR ensures in a safe manner that there is a constant flow rate in the drain of the flood retention basin. Only such a measure leads to the desired result that the flow rate remains constant regardless of the impounding depth of the rain retention system.

Copyright Photos: Morich / Lohmar